MMC - 4

I have still a few conhon-entrys left ;)
Next one starring my OC Shirin =)


Steps - AECO-Card #016

Yesterday I was at the birthday-party of a friend. And she wished for an AECO-Card of her original charcaters. So here is her demon Kho. =)



MMC - 3

Next Conhon-Entry.
Yes I draw smut, and I don't see anything bad in doing so - since I had this discussion this weekend allready.
But since this blog is for minors as well we'll have to hide some things ;D


MMC - 2

Next one. This time the Conhon-Entry for the dear Flo, another regular costumer :D Love that guy! He's that cool! If you're reading this. Don't think I'd forget about the euro ;DDD

Starring my OC Velvér from "Vom Anfang" Comic project.


MMC - 1

Last weekend was the MMC in Berlin and I had a seat in the artist alley. So next days, as usual - I'll upload some Con-hon-entrys I did there =)
Starting with my OC Elias. Made this for the dear Kathi who allready is a regular costumer at my stand.
Allways love to meet her again.

Foto is taken at saturday morning. Me preparing stuff... most artists are still missing and no costumers arround yet.