Sry I'm currently not very active on this blog, since I#m mostly using facebook for scribbles and junk-illustrations now.
Maybe you want to switch over and visit me there.


However - a blog here.
Another mirrored slefportrait. Last one is a half year old now. I see some improvement :)


Some stile-experiment before going to sleep. Since I created myself a facebook-profil I awlays forget about this blog. Maybe you wanna join me there, if you have an FB-account.
At the moment I'm unfortunatly quite more aktive there than here... shame on me.


Childrenbook - Artstyle

Always wanted to illustrate a book for children.
I don't have a story, but this is the artstyle I could imagine working with.



I always wanted to do an alita-fanart. Currently i'm reading the mangas again. Just love them. So finally i'm flashed enough to draw. =D

Hope I'll finish it soon.


Less effort...

Establishing shot from a comic-concept i'm currently working on.
Every time i'm ending a project with detailed backgrounds i tell myself 'next time you won't put as much effort in those anymore'.
And everytime it becomes worser and worser...