September - Chibistyle

These are all the main - characters from my comicproject 'September' (except Paris, who has no finished characterdesign yet)

Actually September is a Drama and uses a certain serious adult artstyle...
but I got the intention it could work as comedy too... if i just use this style XD :


Roar °0°

Working with a model today:

Model from last week. love her round face x3

And a sketchbookpage from beeing bored during lessons XD


Old New

It's somehow common to redo some old artwork sometimes you watch artistic improvement.
Since I'm to lazy to redo a whole image, i just sketched it new...
And came to the conclusion that i did not improve much at all... of course artstyle is more "pretty" now, and I'm quite more fluent with lines...
but at all, I still cannot do textile, i still love blocky boots, I don't care whether a body can be bend like this or not XD
And because i was to lazy to colour it properly even that point is weaker than the original from 2004. What a pity XD

Oh and this lovely girl is Victory and here best friend Theodor °0°


There was a time...

... I was able to draw a violine right from my mind.
This time obviously is over.
Those two are old characters of mine. The protagonist of the last 'real' mangastory I did. That's why I aimed for the inkstyle i used to do during these days. Actually it would have been helpfull, if I used a ink pen than fineliener... but don't some at the moment.
Those two always will hold a special place in my heart, so it was almost over time to at least give them a sketchy comeback.



someone told me to do a chase... but did not explicite say "car chase"
This is my (lazy) solution XD The reason Rhojas doesn't like cats.



Here is my homework for tomorrow
"ancient dangerous maya temple". I'll add some shadows...
And a charadesign which I don't know what to use for...

I kinda like it, but have no story where i could add her ...
so... she will just join the other "cool, but not useul atm" charas i have in backhand XD


Need help...

Okay... as mentioned a weak ago my tablet is broken, that's why I radicaly lowered my commission prices last week on devart.

That's the same issue again.
Here's the link for further information.


Please feel free to spread the word. I'd be really thankful!


Commission - Devart

Another Commission sketch.
Chara © sandcastler.deviantart.com
I was hooked up with an storyboard-task the last days. I will upload it next week when I finish the final storyreel.


Melanie Schober - Comission

Fanart this time. Everyone who buys some stuff from me gets a free drawing. Madame Melanie Schober wished me to do her Bianca and Yoru from her Manga "Personal Paradise" Check out!
Her is the sketch of the requested XD
I love Bianca!!




I was shopping the afternoon after class. My brothers graduationcelebrity is next week and i badly needed something to dress now...
so... when finally came home, I hadn't enough power left to do serious sketching^^°
Since I don't like to miss a day again, I'll show you instead my creepy homework... XD
Task was to find a good composition for "Cake and ant" .... mmmrmh I know that this is not my best... but i'm to tired... so... i have to live with this rubbish XD

And you too ;)


I'n lazy...

At the moment I prefer playing 'Oblivion' than drawing, hope this won't last to long.

Cutey Ian this time.



Buah - Tired

I was somehow exhausted when got home today... soIi didn't feel like sketching much... instead I decided to start colouring the VA-Cover.
I need to get the colours more bright again...



Actually i wanted you to show a video I made during a drawingprocess... but somehow the program always exports as 3:4 not 16:9... which results in a weird distorted screen :(
And becaue i'm to lazy to scan anyting now (i was at the park livesketching °0°) I show you stupid kangoroo I sketched in Photoshop... named him Edgar x3


Sketchbook Pages

Somehow i had it with animals today XD
I love the octopus °0°
I tried a different angle for the coverart too.