Con-Hon Ellerfru

Another Con-hon-Entry.
Did this one allready in September (?)  I guess. Just obtained a foto today.
Hope you enjoy =)


First something...

... after hospitalization.
It's sooo annoying if you cannot use any shortcuts DD=


Shirin - Steps

Lineart and Colorsketch and first colorstep from the former post. Final image is here


Shirin Numero xxxxx

Going to become a birthdaypresent =)
"Okay hunny, do you have any wish for your birthday?"
"Draw me THAT girl!" *points on shirin*
"Okay °_°"

I'll always use any excuse to draw my Mary Sue-chara XD


Manga xD

I finally learned how to do this blury shiny manga color style, I see everywhere but was never able to do it myself. (Til now ;D)
It's not really my kind of style... but i guess it's nothing to be hold against me, if I can do so ;D