Okay I was wrong...

...and did some more... but now i'll do the things i really have to do XD
8and then finish the picture)


Propably won't finish that... something went wrong with her face :/



Two months ago I switched over to photoshop cs5 from cs3 and now i have finally time to get used to the prog (and i need to get used to fast ... need to color something badly x_X)
Actually i don't really like the new brushes... And the feeling I have to them while painting... propably just force of habit. na however i finally get the feeling I get used to slowly...



Drawing "bling bling"-stuff is quite to much fun to stop it...
Love the chara... Cute smile, big boobs, no brain - perfection!


Vom Anfang - 'Redesign'

Hi Guys,

I'm currently struggling with the "redesign" for my comproject "Vom Anfang"
Actually it's no real redesign, since characters, settings., story itself and so on won't be touched. I'm just struggling with the artstyle itself since the former one was cool, but it took way to long to finish the pages... (yeah last update is two years ago, guess why ;D ) Since I'm doing this project just for me and there is no need to push the look that much as long as i'm telling the story I came to the conclusion to reduce the coloring and hell yes - it's so fast now XD

So new pages will look like this.

Actually I think it looks more like "Comic" now than it ever does before... I'm satisfied x3
(Old pages are here: www.carolin-reich.de but be aware those are two years old and look like that!!!)