That's not me |D Portrait has some similiaries, but nah... that's not me. Painted from live, the glasses kinda killed me... and they through all those crazy lighteffects on my face I wasn't even aware of before that they existed... Next on with contacts XD


Doodling again

I'm currently working on four projects same time |D omfg... and there will be a fifth soon (na... it will replace one of the current ones) So... instead working on what would be really useful I got swapped away drawing stupid heads XDD Enjoy.


Like this?

Mhm well don't know...
I'm still struggling with to find an artstyle for my next bigger project. When I started I thought i allready had it... now I don't know anymore... I have something in my mind, but don't feel able yet to pull it down to paper.

This sketch get's close to by what I want to create, but it still doesn't feel 'right'. I want a certain digital, but yet not fully digital look. Not clean, bit clean there where it's needed. Somehow artistic bbut still 'mainstream' Aww don't know... I feel like i'm still missing one step but arn#t able to go it |D Don't look for the aweful anatomy (i know it) i was just aiming for the coloring and lines ;)