Secret Santa

Like every year, I joined the "Wichtelaktion" at animexx, where Artist draw picture for each other, without knowing who will draw for them.

I'll upload another version of the picture, here you have the outlines and one colour-version =)


Half Hour sketch...

... while waitig for finishing time, yesterday.
Kinda like the expression think I'm gping to finish it x3


Heya guys.

I'm deeply stuck with work at the moment so I kinda abandoned this blog. I'm so sorry!
However I'd like to show you something I'm busy with.
I'm working for a small games company which next game is about to be finished, closed beta allready started but there are still missing so many small things. Which means a lot of work for all the employees, since deadline is coming nearer and nearer... and we wanna hold it XD High noun - at the moment, I'll be so happy when it's finally released.

Furthermore I'm working on a short story for comic book, which will be released in summer next year.
It's a fantasy-anthology involving five other artist. I think it's gonna be cool ;)
The book is allready available on amazon check it out °0°
I love the Cover x3

And I forgot to mention about this. I had a a two pager in a horror-comic.
"Short Stack" is an irregular released Comic-magazin by Angry Gnome Comics, always containing 13 comic storys done by different artist, but written by the same person - Shawn Gabborin. The storys are always Two-Pagers and you were absolutly free in designing those pages as long as you tell the story =) I really love the concept.
Check it out here.
There is also some preview art of mine x3 The stippled one XD
I will be in the next issue too, got the script this week and doing chara designs right now.

Okay... and now, finally some eyecandy *laughs*
I cleanded my desktop and found those pictures took from some Conhonpictures i did on the last "Animaco"-Convention.

Random Elf-girl.

A Riku from Kingdom Hearts.

Adn this was a costumbutton. You can visit me on cons, tell me your wish and I'll draw them right at the place and press them into a button :))


Commish - DA

Aaaand finished.
Actually I love iddling with water colours from time to time.
Nobody cares whether this is smooth or clean at least not me x3


Button - Amor

And once again. I cannot decide on the background-colour :(
Maybe I just should offer all versions.


mooore buttons ;)

Hey =D
I have two more finished buttons. Actually I'm shoked by myself how much fun I have with doing cute and sparkly stuff.

Furthermore I killed the devil from the former blog-post and decided on doing a Amor-Devil paring =D I like them x3




Currently struggling with button-designs...
Maybe it would help to choose a topic - At the moment most sketches are just useless...
But i think I allready like those four and will finish them...
Unfortunatly I need some more :/


sick again...

I was ill the last week...
got better to the end of the week, partied at weekend...
and tada!!
got sick again :(
Yes... i'm a stupid girl, who should know better...

However I finally finsihed one of the DA-Commissions which are lying arround.
Poor guy had to wait over two months for this.


Hey guys =D

Don't think that I'm dead.
I'm just heavily stuffed with work, which is indeed very good and this week actually happended so many good things, I still need to put in place in my mind.
But everything is fine with me, I'm super happy at the moment and I won't calm down the next months. The only thing I can tell you, is that I still cannot come back to my daily submit within the netxt weeks too :(
I feel sorry for that, but I'll keep posting whenever I have something I'm able to show =D

Today I have a sketch I found while cleaning my desktop at work. Did this some weeks ago, when I had nothing to do at the office.
I somehow like the concept :)


Animatic - Eleven Seconds Club

I'm still attending Animation-school and my current teacher forced us to join the Eleven Seconds Club - a monthly competition, where an eleven second long voiceover is to be animated.

Okay here we go - this is my second attempt to do an animatic. Better than the first one, but I still doubt that anyone can understand what was my intention. Would be nice if you tell me, what you have understand =)



I'm a lazy bum...

However have some pink gayish sparkle XD
starring my cutey Ian °0°


Yes - I'm working - 2

Yes Mary, I'm still working ;)

Another peek in on my current project... that panel kinda killed me |D


Yes - I'm working

As you can see on the headline of the blog I gave up the challenge to post something everyday... I'm actually not able to hold that, when I'm busy with other drawing stuff :/
But I will always continue when I have more time =)

Okay... because there is an annoying girl , who asks me every day in class whether I worked on my current project or not... and I know that she's stalking this blog.

I finshed all the sketches and started inking ;)

Have an idea when and where this takes place? =D


I'm not dead

Actually I'm drawing more, than usual - but I'm always to lazy to scan that stuff XD
Im currently working at a short comic, which has to be finished at the end of the month.

Here's one preview panel for you.


100 Themes Art Challenge - 5 Seeking Solace

I have my GT back, so there is no reason why I cannot continue the 100 Themes Art Challenge.
Here we go "Seeking Solace" starring "Shirin"


ASH - First Try

I'm currently attending Animation school and we are going to do a short movie starting this year oktober. This or something a like (maybe) could become the main actor of our group project :)

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I'm working at stuff I'm not allowed to show :(
Guess this will go on the whole week, so I don't have time for any other sketches...

Instead I give you some eyecandy...
An AECO-card i did for a friend. Character is by her, named Audrey.



I'm cheating today... this one is from yesterday... i forget all my stuff at school today and it's to hot now my head is spinning... cannot draw anymore...

She's the leading character from the comic i'm currently working at.
She doesn't have a proper name yet. Suggestions?


Oh yeah

I'm currently working at short comic which has to be finished at the end of august.
This is my personal favourite of the characters:



Chara is not by me... but by a lovely girl named Patricia.
Did this for her... I really like how that small piece came out.
I onle had a drop action pencil... doing the shading was horrible XDDD



Today was a work day... that's why i was lazy...
made during train again...

I don't dare to sketch people in the train... i always think they could go mad :/



Busy day somehow... actually i had some more livedrawings... but they are too big to take them home from school...

Spot where i use to wait for the train every morning.

Something i came up at the train.

Background-class - guess what topic we had ;)

people relaxing after school...
Oh and I have seen "Waking Sleeping beauty" a great documentary about the disney-studios. Amazing!



Hamburg Animation Award

I just came back from the ceremony of the Hamburg Animation Award.
First place was an amazing 2d-movie with an heartwarming story about a child who found a leave and newfound the whole world in this tiny leave...
Super brilliant. The Name was "Lebensadern", done by a single person, a german girl. Unfortunately I forgot her name and the city where she came from...
I really, really loved her movie!

A simple sketch from background-class today...
each 5 mins...



Today I was in the city in order to sketch some buildings...

When working at this one ...

...suddenly a man appeared out of the nowhere, telling me that my sketch is wrong. (yes, i know that i crashed the perspective... i didn't pay attention, since i wanted to study architecture itself... how windows are made and stuff)
Declairing that everything what we learn at school is wrong and that he knows the only true wisdom!!!
He made me a sketch how i can construct and rotate buildings to draw the same object from every angle and was always demanding. "you have to mathmeticaly prove your drawing!!"
Actually i think that he was an out of work mathmatics professor who draw too... since the stuff he told me was kinda interesting, this meetin afterall was veeeery weird and a bit scary at least.

This is the sketch he gave me: XDD

After this incident we hurried to leave the place and sketch somewhere else...
I was not into mood to draw buildings any more... so that stuff followed:


I'm to lazy...

It's way to hot in Germany right now... and the german national footballteam enterd semifinals of the world cup °0°
I'm so excited... It was unpossible sketching much today (and yesterday I was to exhausted after work... the hot weather is killing me)
But at least... I can offer you a lame character :)


September - Chibistyle

These are all the main - characters from my comicproject 'September' (except Paris, who has no finished characterdesign yet)

Actually September is a Drama and uses a certain serious adult artstyle...
but I got the intention it could work as comedy too... if i just use this style XD :