Con-Hon Ellerfru

Another Con-hon-Entry.
Did this one allready in September (?)  I guess. Just obtained a foto today.
Hope you enjoy =)


First something...

... after hospitalization.
It's sooo annoying if you cannot use any shortcuts DD=


Shirin - Steps

Lineart and Colorsketch and first colorstep from the former post. Final image is here


Shirin Numero xxxxx

Going to become a birthdaypresent =)
"Okay hunny, do you have any wish for your birthday?"
"Draw me THAT girl!" *points on shirin*
"Okay °_°"

I'll always use any excuse to draw my Mary Sue-chara XD


Manga xD

I finally learned how to do this blury shiny manga color style, I see everywhere but was never able to do it myself. (Til now ;D)
It's not really my kind of style... but i guess it's nothing to be hold against me, if I can do so ;D


Back online


My internet ist back. And I have some things to show to you °3°

A sketch for a chapter-cover for my september project.

 And the sketch for a comission:


MMC - 6 - last one + fotos

Hey guys. This blogpost is the last one of the MMC-Stuff, and the last blog for a not yet defined amount of time. Tomorrow I'm moving to my new AWESOME flat and won't have internet nor phone (drama!!!) for some time ;3;

So enjoy these last conhon-entrys =)

Pencildrawing this time.

 And because I'm so happy and proud of my new room. Have some crappy fotos |D


MMC - 4

I have still a few conhon-entrys left ;)
Next one starring my OC Shirin =)


Steps - AECO-Card #016

Yesterday I was at the birthday-party of a friend. And she wished for an AECO-Card of her original charcaters. So here is her demon Kho. =)



MMC - 3

Next Conhon-Entry.
Yes I draw smut, and I don't see anything bad in doing so - since I had this discussion this weekend allready.
But since this blog is for minors as well we'll have to hide some things ;D


MMC - 2

Next one. This time the Conhon-Entry for the dear Flo, another regular costumer :D Love that guy! He's that cool! If you're reading this. Don't think I'd forget about the euro ;DDD

Starring my OC Velvér from "Vom Anfang" Comic project.


MMC - 1

Last weekend was the MMC in Berlin and I had a seat in the artist alley. So next days, as usual - I'll upload some Con-hon-entrys I did there =)
Starting with my OC Elias. Made this for the dear Kathi who allready is a regular costumer at my stand.
Allways love to meet her again.

Foto is taken at saturday morning. Me preparing stuff... most artists are still missing and no costumers arround yet.



That's not me |D Portrait has some similiaries, but nah... that's not me. Painted from live, the glasses kinda killed me... and they through all those crazy lighteffects on my face I wasn't even aware of before that they existed... Next on with contacts XD


Doodling again

I'm currently working on four projects same time |D omfg... and there will be a fifth soon (na... it will replace one of the current ones) So... instead working on what would be really useful I got swapped away drawing stupid heads XDD Enjoy.


Like this?

Mhm well don't know...
I'm still struggling with to find an artstyle for my next bigger project. When I started I thought i allready had it... now I don't know anymore... I have something in my mind, but don't feel able yet to pull it down to paper.

This sketch get's close to by what I want to create, but it still doesn't feel 'right'. I want a certain digital, but yet not fully digital look. Not clean, bit clean there where it's needed. Somehow artistic bbut still 'mainstream' Aww don't know... I feel like i'm still missing one step but arn#t able to go it |D Don't look for the aweful anatomy (i know it) i was just aiming for the coloring and lines ;)



Con-Hon entry for the dear Cleo-san. Characters belong to her.
I visted her this weekend and it was so nice ;3;
Wanna go back.


Sonne im Herzen - steps

Hey, I painted this frigging big image... and thought it would be nice to screenshot some steps.

Final image is here
Make sure to use fullview ;)



Cleaned up my workstadion, and found those sketches I did last year for an illustration-pitch.
Didn't get the job, and the book is allready released so I guess it's okay to show them to you^^



Found some old storyboard-pages from class last year, and thaught I could made an animatic out of these.
Still kinda like it x3




There was the Chisaii-Con last weekend and as usual I did some easy ink-wask pictures for the costumers. Here's the first one.

'Sharad ibn Said' by belijaal and dedicated to her.
check out the characterconcepts of him here
- i have really fallen for the character *3*


Doodling arround

Velvér-chan °0°
I missed him... He's one of my oldest charas... i really love this grumpy magician.



These two were easter-presents from the dear kaorie to her friends nashi and fukosai (?)
Characters belong to them.