Childrenbook - Artstyle

Always wanted to illustrate a book for children.
I don't have a story, but this is the artstyle I could imagine working with.



I always wanted to do an alita-fanart. Currently i'm reading the mangas again. Just love them. So finally i'm flashed enough to draw. =D

Hope I'll finish it soon.


Less effort...

Establishing shot from a comic-concept i'm currently working on.
Every time i'm ending a project with detailed backgrounds i tell myself 'next time you won't put as much effort in those anymore'.
And everytime it becomes worser and worser... 



Quick junk of my new RP-chara 'Krypton' - Master of dementia... maybe master of dentists too...



I'm practising drawing zombies...
Any additions on the artstyle? I wanna go with plain black and white...

Don't like grey-tones... but i'm not sure if it looks too dull without...



I'm currently not that creative... so i'm drawing sparkling fantasy-heads...
Kinda enjoy it.


New gadget *0*

I bought a wacom cintiq. *0*
This is my first drawing ever on it. Looooove this tool.

manga sparkle XDD




Had a nice sit-in with some artistbuddies at the weekend.
Did this aeco-card and a conhon-entry.

Charas don't belong to me.


Another selfportrait

Keep on drawing selfportraits.
As usual... there is some alikeness, but it does not really match at all... need to do more :/ Maybe it would help at least to work on the pieces more then 20 minutes...


Big girls are beautiful...

Just felt the need to doodle arround a bit.
I just cannot draw that much at the moment, like I want. Need badly to do something bigger soon.

I have an appointment soon, but before I grapped my pen and doodled for a few minutes.
And here we have some chubby, cowboy girl, wich lost her boots. and dresses and eveything. Don't know. Her name shall be Coco!

I like her =D



Le jump

"Von der Nacht die Uschi"
Old character from a shortstory 2011.

and some kids punk...


Con-Stuff -again

Cannot stop spamming you with Conhon-stuff |D
Have two lovely ladies at my place and they 'forced' me to draw something.

Enjoy =D



.. it takes form.
damn picture annoys me as hell >_>°

need to fix her ass... it's awfully wrong... just didn't noticed this yet D=


Cup print

Gift for my mum, when its finsihed.
She wanted a cup with a print made by me, so she can boast around at work with her talented daughter xDD

Love my mum =)



I'm quite obsessed with Sailor Moon (again) at the moment.
It kinda repressenses in my drawings more than usual |D


Comicpages - Preview

As promised the first pages of my 'Vom Anfang'-project.
Most people are always irritated that these are that colorful. I'm using the different colours to seperate the background, charas and details from each other.
Otherwise I would loose myself in my sketches... Due to my current workshedule I'm confident to start uploading the finished pages in march =)



Hey guys, sry for the long abstinence of mine. I want to wish you all a great new year and hope you hade fine holydays. Sry for not posting anything earlier. I broke my left arm arround christmas and got hospitalized |D Hurray, I'm fine now and starting to work again, even If i still cannot bow and stretch my arm correctly...

However. To get back used to drawing I'm currently working on my long running Comic-project 'Vom Anfang'. I don't feel like I should work on real commercial stuff right now. It's shocking how much one can forget in just one single month not drawing DD=

However I finally startet to pencil the real pages, will show some within the next days.

Meanwhile I recognized that I do not like the color-theme of one of the characters and decided to change it as long as she didn't enter the show.

Unfortunatly I cannot decided now :/
Would be nice if you can help me out. To me I think TWO or THREE are the best ones, but I'm quite not sure about it. SIX is quite close to the old one.

Ah and I do own a tumblr.account now too.
I propably will upload the same stuff as here, but maybe you want to follow me there too if you have an account.  
Here it is http://mysparklewonderland.tumblr.com/

I'm going to pimp it a bit more within the next days =)

Okay. Now the images °0°