sick again...

I was ill the last week...
got better to the end of the week, partied at weekend...
and tada!!
got sick again :(
Yes... i'm a stupid girl, who should know better...

However I finally finsihed one of the DA-Commissions which are lying arround.
Poor guy had to wait over two months for this.


Hey guys =D

Don't think that I'm dead.
I'm just heavily stuffed with work, which is indeed very good and this week actually happended so many good things, I still need to put in place in my mind.
But everything is fine with me, I'm super happy at the moment and I won't calm down the next months. The only thing I can tell you, is that I still cannot come back to my daily submit within the netxt weeks too :(
I feel sorry for that, but I'll keep posting whenever I have something I'm able to show =D

Today I have a sketch I found while cleaning my desktop at work. Did this some weeks ago, when I had nothing to do at the office.
I somehow like the concept :)


Animatic - Eleven Seconds Club

I'm still attending Animation-school and my current teacher forced us to join the Eleven Seconds Club - a monthly competition, where an eleven second long voiceover is to be animated.

Okay here we go - this is my second attempt to do an animatic. Better than the first one, but I still doubt that anyone can understand what was my intention. Would be nice if you tell me, what you have understand =)



I'm a lazy bum...

However have some pink gayish sparkle XD
starring my cutey Ian °0°