Heya guys.

I'm deeply stuck with work at the moment so I kinda abandoned this blog. I'm so sorry!
However I'd like to show you something I'm busy with.
I'm working for a small games company which next game is about to be finished, closed beta allready started but there are still missing so many small things. Which means a lot of work for all the employees, since deadline is coming nearer and nearer... and we wanna hold it XD High noun - at the moment, I'll be so happy when it's finally released.

Furthermore I'm working on a short story for comic book, which will be released in summer next year.
It's a fantasy-anthology involving five other artist. I think it's gonna be cool ;)
The book is allready available on amazon check it out °0°
I love the Cover x3

And I forgot to mention about this. I had a a two pager in a horror-comic.
"Short Stack" is an irregular released Comic-magazin by Angry Gnome Comics, always containing 13 comic storys done by different artist, but written by the same person - Shawn Gabborin. The storys are always Two-Pagers and you were absolutly free in designing those pages as long as you tell the story =) I really love the concept.
Check it out here.
There is also some preview art of mine x3 The stippled one XD
I will be in the next issue too, got the script this week and doing chara designs right now.

Okay... and now, finally some eyecandy *laughs*
I cleanded my desktop and found those pictures took from some Conhonpictures i did on the last "Animaco"-Convention.

Random Elf-girl.

A Riku from Kingdom Hearts.

Adn this was a costumbutton. You can visit me on cons, tell me your wish and I'll draw them right at the place and press them into a button :))

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  1. oha!

    was seh ich denn da!

    danke für den supertollen eulenbutton!
    ich liebe ihn!

    und sry dass paulchen dich deswegen so genervt hat ^^;


    ich mag die art wie du sie coloriert hast! besonders das dunkelblau liebe ich! das benutz ich auch ständig XD

    ich bin heute wieder wirr. x3

    'Danke' wollt ich sagen. und 'du bist toll'

    genau wie deine ideen
    ich freu mich auf weiteres schaffen von dir!