Hey guys, sry for the long abstinence of mine. I want to wish you all a great new year and hope you hade fine holydays. Sry for not posting anything earlier. I broke my left arm arround christmas and got hospitalized |D Hurray, I'm fine now and starting to work again, even If i still cannot bow and stretch my arm correctly...

However. To get back used to drawing I'm currently working on my long running Comic-project 'Vom Anfang'. I don't feel like I should work on real commercial stuff right now. It's shocking how much one can forget in just one single month not drawing DD=

However I finally startet to pencil the real pages, will show some within the next days.

Meanwhile I recognized that I do not like the color-theme of one of the characters and decided to change it as long as she didn't enter the show.

Unfortunatly I cannot decided now :/
Would be nice if you can help me out. To me I think TWO or THREE are the best ones, but I'm quite not sure about it. SIX is quite close to the old one.

Ah and I do own a tumblr.account now too.
I propably will upload the same stuff as here, but maybe you want to follow me there too if you have an account.  
Here it is http://mysparklewonderland.tumblr.com/

I'm going to pimp it a bit more within the next days =)

Okay. Now the images °0°


  1. Mir gefällt Nr. 2 am besten :) Das Türkis ist nicht so kreischend und das lederzeug sollte braun sein.
    Ich bin schon gespannt auf die neuen Seiten. Gut zu hören, dass du wieder fit bist :D

  2. Yai =D
    Wurde ja auch Zeit^^ mir ist daheim so die Decke auf den Kopf gefallen und ich mag doch arbeiten *3*